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The Minister






Born on the 24th April 1942 at Zejtun, Malta.

Educated at De La Salle College.

Graduated in medicine from the University of  Malta in 1964.

Medical Officer Malta Drydocks 1966-1973.

Demonstrator in Physiology and Biochemistry at the University of Malta 1966-1973.

Certificate in General Aviation Medicine (Famborough UK 1977).

Aviation Medicine consultant with Air Malta and Department of Civil Aviation 1976-1990.


Labour Member of Parliament 1978-1987, 1992-to-date.

Leader of Malta Delegation to the Conference of Local and Regional Authorities (Council of Europe) 1978-1987.

Substitute Member of Parliament to Parliamentary Assembly (Council of Europe) 1982.

Permanent representative to the Council of Europe (Jan-May 1987).

Member of the Parliamentary Delegation for relations with the European Parliament in 1986.

Returned to Parliament in 1992 and elected Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs and main spokesman of the Opposition on Foreign Affairs.

2nd Vice Chairman of the Malta-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee.

1996-1998 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Environment.

Co Chairman of 2nd. EuroMed Ministerial Conference (Malta 1997)

Substitute member at the Convention for Europe.

Observer Member of the European Parliament prior to accession

Member of the “EuroMed Parliamentary Assembly”. and of the “Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean.”

Party representative in the Presidency of the the Party of European Socialists.

Opposition Main Spokesperson on Foreign and EU Affairs.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign and European Affairs.


Married to Miriam nee Grima. Three children and seven grandchildren.

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