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Travel Advice


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Malta provides travel advice on its website to inform the general public of conditions abroad that may affect the safety and security of Maltese nationals travelling, working or living abroad.  


What is Travel Advice?


Travel advice contains information about safety and security issues in specific countries. It is issued in response to safety and security developments around the world. Travel advice is kept under review and is updated to reflect changes in the level of risk to Maltese nationals.  

Travel advice is graded across different levels according to the overall assessment of the security situation on the ground in the respective country. It may be of different levels for different regions within the same country. 

Travel advice is currently available for the following countries:



Last Update:

Level of Advice


October 2014

·   Avoid travel to certain areas

Hong Kong

October 2014

·   Exercise caution


September 2014

·   Travel to areas around the volcano should be avoided


September 2014

·   Avoid travel to certain areas.

Ebola Warnings




Sierra Leone


September 2014

September 2014

September 2014

September 2014


·    Avoid non-essential travel.

·    Avoid non-essential travel.

·    Avoid non-essential travel.

·    Avoid non-essential travel.


August 2014

·    Avoid travel completely.


July 2014

·    Avoid non-essential travel.


July 2014



June 2014

·    Avoid all travel.

Saudi Arabia

May 2014

·    Health Advice.


May 2014

·    Avoid non-essential travel to certain areas and exercise caution elsewhere.


 April 2014

 ·   Avoid non-essential travel to certain areas. 


April 2014

·   Avoid travel completely to certain areas and all but essential travel to certain regions.



November 2014

·   Avoid non-essential travel.



Legal Disclaimer 

The travel advice issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is available as a service to the public and is for guidance purposes only. It is aimed to help Maltese nationals make informed decisions prior to travelling abroad. The travel advice is provided “as is” without express or implied warranty that the travel advice on the website will be constantly available or available at all times or that the information provided is complete or up-to-date at all times.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not and cannot make decisions for Maltese nationals about whether, when or where they should live, work or travel to. The decision to live, work or travel abroad is personal and so the Ministry is not liable for any decisions taken in this regard. Maltese nationals are responsible for their own safety and security, particularly whenever there is an uncertain security environment.

Keeping adjourned with travel advice

Maltese nationals can keep up to date with travel advice by checking the travel advice section on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the following URL: 

Registering with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Emergency Purposes

Maltese nationals travelling, working or living abroad are encouraged to register with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by returning Form D, duly filled in, which can be downloaded from the URL below. The information provided will allow us to assist you better in the case of an emergency while you are abroad.

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