Presentation of Credentials

Published on 08-Mar-2012Print this Article

Dr. George Cassar, Malta’s current Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt presented his credentials to Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Monday 27th February, 2012.  A number of Ambassadors also presented their credentials, amongst who were the Ambassadors of the European Union, Norway, Brazil, Australia, Jordan, Brunei, and Sri Lanka.

In addressing Field Marshall Tantawi Ambassador Cassar conveyed the greetings of President George Abela, and of Prime Minister Gonzi on behalf of the Government and people of Malta to the Government and people of Egypt. Field Marshall Tantawi warmly reciprocated. Relations between the two countries are excellent - warm, strong and deep rooted.

Egypt is currently in a state of transition, in the process of democratic evolution following last year’s revolution that toppled the Mubarak regime. A new Parliamentary Assembly and Upper House have recently been elected in fair and free elections and shortly Presidential elections will likewise follow. A new Constitution is also under consideration and will shortly be enacted. With a population of some 85 million, Egypt is the largest Arab country wielding considerable influence and respect. Cairo hosts the Headquarters of the Arab League. Egypt is a strong tourist destination and its multi historic and leisure attractions account for 18 million visitors in 2010.

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